A collection of remixes, cut outs, bootlegs, white labels from over time. Whatever you want to call them, they are:

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  1. Tenderness (Jaded Lover's Papain Powder Mix) Jaded Lover/ General Public Buy the original 5:28
  2. Something's Coming (Jaded Lover's We Came, We Saw Mix) Jaded Lover/ Will Butler with The Gleez Buy the original 5:03
  3. He's Back (Jaded Lover's Lake Mix) Jaded Lover/ Alice Cooper Buy the original 4:29
  4. Go! (Jaded Lover's Justa Wee Bit Before You Mix) Jaded Lover/ Tones On Tail Buy the original 4:03
  5. Sensory Processing System Such Pretty Losers/ Def Leppard Buy the original 4:28
  6. La Ville Chaude (Johnny Cab Version) Jaded Lover/ Billy Idol Buy the original 5:56
  7. I Like 80's Jaded Lover/ Christopher Cross Buy the original 4:43
  8. Celebration Jaded Lover 4:11
  9. Everybody Dance Jaded Lover/ Chic Buy the original 5:23
  10. Champagne Campaign Jaded Lover/ Evelyn "Champagne" King Buy the original 4:39
  11. Maromi's Theme Jaded Lover 4:22
  12. Goodbye Horses (Jaded Lover's Smooth Mechazawa Mix) Jaded Lover/ Psyche Buy the original 4:41
  13. Ache of the North (Jaded Lover's Jewlea Robbertz Mix) Jaded Lover/ Clark Buy the original 5:18
  14. Regenerate (Jaded Lover's Kids These Days Mix) Jaded Lover/ Booka Shade Buy the original 6:55
  15. Weapons For War (Jaded Lover's Hawk Sleeps In Brooklyn Mix) Jaded Lover/ A Lull Buy the original 5:27
  16. Tricky Tricky (Jaded Lover's Where's 3 & 4? Mix) Jaded Lover/ Royksopp Buy the original 5:29
  17. Baby Blue (Jaded Lover's Razorblades and Bubblegum Days Mix) Jaded Lover/ Scanners Buy the original 4:00
  18. Nice One Bruva (Vox Version) Jaded Lover/ Danny Dyer Buy the original 5:02
  19. Warm Flat Purple Jaded Lover/ Rose Royce Buy the original 5:07
  20. ESP (Jaded Lovers's Scan Me Mix) Jaded Lover/ The Buzzcocks Buy the original 5:52
  21. 1 Time Out Of 9 (Jaded Lover's Taking Those Odds Mix) Jaded Lover/ Nathan Drew Larsen Buy the original 4:44
  22. Drugs In My Body (Jaded Lover's DwnTwn Polyfunk Friday Mix) Jaded Lover/ Thieves Like Us Buy the original 4:30
  23. Drugs In My Body (Matt Wells' 110 South Mix) Matt Wells/ Thieves Like Us Buy the original 4:25
  24. Shack 54 (Jaded Lover's Cool Cat, Hot Tin Mix) Jaded Lover/ Two Lone Swordsmen Buy the original 5:14
  25. Techno Song Matt Wells/ Siouxsie & The Banshees Buy the original 4:47
  26. Billy Says Go (Jaded Lover's Too Hot To Go Anywhere Mix) Jaded Lover/ Audion Buy the original 4:21
  27. Sansation (Jaded Lover's Go Craig! Mix) Jaded Lover/ Steve Angelo Buy the original 7:57
  28. Summertime (Jaded Lover's Late Summer Nights Mix) Jaded Lover/ Beyonce Buy the original 4:01
  29. Soldier (Jaded Lover's Goin' to Booty Camp Mix) Jaded Lover/ Destiny's Child Ft. Lil' Wayne & T.I. Buy the original 5:40
  30. Damaged Goods (Girl Talk) Jaded Lover 4:35


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