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TMR017- Autodrone This Sea Is Killing Me Album

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Produced by Autodrone and Boone Mcelroy @ Desert Park Studios
Music and Lyrics Written by
Vocals / Lyrics – Katherine Kennedy
Guitar / Auxiliary Percussion / Treatments – Jeremy Alisauskas
Synth / Synth Bass / Noise / Chaos / Production – Angel Lorelei
Percussion / Banter / Bizarre Online Cooking Show – Terrance Taylor
Organ/ Samples/ Dystopia – Markus Persson (He’s in Psychic TV too)

Mixed and Mastered @ Desert Park Studios

01. 49:51 2:16
02. Corvus 3:28
03. Exit Ghost 6:36
04. Le Velour 5:45
05. The Way, Way Down 3:36
06. Witness To a Ghost 6:01
07. High Dying Sun 3:09
08. Like Water In My Lungs 6:21
09. Lay Of The Land 7:38
10. Thunderbolt 6:20

New York’s Autodrone releases its second album, “This Sea is Killing Me”, on True Mother Records. Produced by Autodrone and Boone McElroy at his Manhattan Desert Park Studios, the album is a darkly powerful, emotive mix of chaos and harmony, organs, noise and flowing riffs that come together as a compelling, bizarrely beautiful nervous breakdown that leaves its listeners underwater.

Formed in NYC in the 00s, Autodrone draws upon their collective psychoses, heartbreak and morbid interests to meld together a sound that incises as much from post-punk and psych rock as it does shoegaze. Unlikely waves of redemption flow from cacophony in this album. Opening track “49:51” takes listeners down a confrontational, if not often painful, sonic rake through hell; only to be followed by “Corvus,” with its dense, almost baroque organ droning at the hands of Psychic TV’s Markus Persson.

“We sought to mine our psychedelic rock influences for the first time and truly reach back further in time than any of our previous recordings,” guitarist Jeremy Alisauskas said of the album. “We incorporated more vintage techniques and instruments from the 1960s and 70s in the studio.”

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