TMR014- Jaded Lover Time Enough Single Mp3s


  1. Time Enough (Vocal Version) Preview Jaded Lover Buy 1:07
  2. Time Enough (Instrumental Version) Preview Jaded Lover Buy 0:59
  3. Time Enough (Dave Rosario's Shaved Hammer Special Mix) Preview Jaded Lover Buy 0:46
  4. Time Enough (Connie Y Say What! Mix Ft. Dylan Stillwell) Preview Jaded Lover Buy 1:08
  5. Time Enough (Mikey Dub's Enough Version Time) Preview Jaded Lover Buy 1:25
  6. Time Enough (Potions Remix) Preview Jaded Lover Buy 1:13


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TMR014- Jaded Lover Time Enough Single

Written and Produced by Jaded Lover
Lyrics and Vocals by Matt Wells
Mastered by EuroTrash Collective @ 5 a.m. Deep Records
Cover art by Designer Cult

(Original and Instrumental Digital Only)
01. Time Enough (Vocal Version)   (3:08)
02. Time Enough (Instrumental Version)   (3:05)

(Vinyl Remix Single)
03. (A1) Time Enough (Dave Rosario’s Shaved Hammer Special Mix)   (8:20)
04. (A2) Time Enough (Connie Y Say What! Mix ft. Dylan Stillwell)   (5:02)
05. (B1) Time Enough (Mikey’s Dub Enough Version Time)   (6:24)
06. (B2) Time Enough (Potions Remix)   (5:10)

Is there time enough? There certainly is for the latest single from Jaded Lover on True Mother Records. The production duo turn our their catchiest synthpop number to date with a series of hooks and licks that are sure to stick in your head long after the clock runs out on this track. Matt Wells delivers a deliciously disaffected, far-away vocal drenched in effects that questions the relevance of the proverbial tick-tock with blasé coolness. The instrumental version bring the various melodic intricacies within the song to the forefront as its simplistic, toe-tapping bass-line plays on. New York’s own Dave Rosario along with True Mother label-mates Connie, Mikey Dubs, and Potions form a mighty tetralogy of wildly different remixes to flesh things out.
Dave Rosario brings smooth tech stylings to his “Shaved Hammer Special Mix”. Easy to draw and a killer on the dance floor, pull this baby out late in your set for sure fire dance destruction.
Connie’s remix has a sparse sexiness and an off-kilter wonkiness in full effect, making it perfect for day parties and murky after-hours.
Mikey Dubs stays true to his namesake as he draws heavily on space, delays, and Jamaican-influenced rhythms to craft a seriously chill version of “Time Enough” that’s as versatile as it is good.
Potions goes for the jugular with an epic, cinematic number that clears most of the original’s motifs out of the way as well as completely re-vocalizing the track to sound completely different.
So, what is time anyway?

©+℗ True Mother Records LLC

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