TMR010- Jaded Lover Nite Moves Album Mp3s


  1. Electric Dragon Valley Preview Jaded Lover Buy 1:13
  2. Ex-Post Dishes Preview Jaded Lover Buy 0:44
  3. Watching Porno Preview Jaded Lover Buy 1:31
  4. Dangleathon Preview Jaded Lover Buy 1:51
  5. Day of the Underground Preview Jaded Lover Buy 1:42
  6. Crack The Whip Preview Jaded Lover Buy 1:34
  7. Spruce Spreëpanz Preview Jaded Lover Buy 1:52
  8. Time Enough Preview Jaded Lover Buy 1:15
  9. Snake of Fire Preview Jaded Lover Buy 1:42
  10. Nite Shots (Hills Of Katmandu) Preview Jaded Lover Buy 1:55
  11. Lunar Plexus Preview Jaded Lover Buy 1:30
  12. White Pelt Preview Jaded Lover Buy 1:17


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TMR010- Jaded Lover Nite Moves Album Mp3s

Buy direct from us and get:

The Thing Expands (Nite Moves Lo-Fi “Bonus” Album Version)

with the LP!

Written and Produced by Jaded Lover
Lyrics and Vocals by Matt Wells
Mastered by EuroTrash Collective @ 5 a.m. Deep Records
“Night” photo by Mohan S.

01. Electric Dragon Vally                                                (4:16)
02. Ex-Post Dishes                                                          (4:16)
03. Watching Porno                                                       (5:56)
04. Dangleathon                                                            (3:56)
05. Day of the Underground                                         (5:59)
06. Crack The Whip                                                        (3:56)
07. Spruce Spreëpanz                                                    (4:16)
08. Time Enough                                                            (3:08)
09. Snake of Fire                                                             (5:07)
10. Nite Shots (Hills of Katmandu)                               (4:40)
11. Lunar Plexus                                                               (5:07)
12. White Pelt                                                                  (3:43)

After a string of successful singles, EPs, and live shows, Jaded Lover is finally dropping its eagerly anticipated debut LP on True Mother. The journey from production duo to live band and back has been a constantly evolving process for these guys; both sides of the spectrum have deeply influenced each other and the songwriting process through their different approaches. “Nite Moves” is a culmination of this set over twelve exciting tracks. Many of the group’s singles and live mainstays are compiled in here, including the disaffected uber-cool “Ex-Post Dishes” and the skittering electro of “Snake Of Fire.” “Crack The Whip” is a guitar-led melancholic number with an apocalyptic breakdown that showcases a darker side of Jaded Lover, and “White Pelt” carries the same torch as it brings “Nite Moves” to a somber, introspective close. “Danglethon” pairs a reverb-drenched, pining vocal with a dancey bassline as one of the album’s standout singles alongside the delightfully catchy-as-f* synth-pop of “Time Enough.” Not to be ignored, “Lunar Plexus” brings a touch of the new wave to the party. Meanwhile, a few more disco-flecked, whimsical instrumentals round things and all serve to help strengthen Jaded Lover’s finest and boldest statement yet.

©+℗ True Mother Records LLC

All downloads are 320 Mp3s.

FLAC format available upon request. Just shoot us a message after purchase for a link.


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