TMR007- Matt Wells Jazz Daleks EP Mp3s


  1. Body Signals Preview Matt Wells Buy 1:00
  2. Japanese Rainbow Preview Matt Wells Buy 1:46
  3. Hide The Ribbon Preview Matt Wells Buy 1:33
  4. Work! Not Play... Preview Matt Wells Buy 1:30
  5. A Big Day (Effin' Around) Preview Matt Wells Buy 1:22
  6. A Big Day (Effin' Around Instrumental) Preview Matt Wells Buy 1:00


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TMR007- Matt Wells Jazz Daleks EP

Written and Produced by Matt Wells and Chris Doria
Lyrics and Vocals by Matt Wells
Mastered by EuroTrash Collective @ 5 a.m. Deep Records
Portrait by Kristynn Pogue

01. Body Signals                                                                (4:59)
02. Japanese Rainbow                                                     (4:41)
03. Hide The Ribbon                                                         (4:15)
04. Work! Not Play…                                                        (3:46)
05. A Big Day (Effin’ Around)                                           (3:22)
06. A Big Day (Effin’ Around Instrumental)                    (3:16)

Although many of you have heard Matt Wells’ artistry in the many musical projects that he’s involved with like Jaded Lover and Such Pretty Losers, the producer and True Mother owner is finally coming into his own with his self-titled solo project. Free from any previous collaborative confines, “Jazz Daleks” is Wells’ most left-field yet focused work to date. Unnerving noise and vocals mix with slightly bonkers instrumental arrangements and booming percussion in a cohesive way unique to his singular artistic vision. If he’s “… just f*cking around” like the lyrics to “A Big Day” go, then we hope he keeps doing it because it’s awesomely dark and weird.

©+℗ True Mother Records LLC

All downloads are 320 Mp3s.

FLAC format available upon request. Just shoot us a message after purchase for a link.


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