TMR006- Jaded Lover Disco! EP Mp3s



TMR006- Jaded Lover Disco! EP

Written and Produced by Jaded Lover
Mastered by EuroTrash Collective @ 5 a.m. Deep Records

01. Bowels Of Disco                               (5:18)
02. Theme To Brion James                    (4:16)
03. The Summer, The                             (4:18)

True Mother is proud to announce another EP from the production outfit, Jaded Lover. “Disco!” basically does what it says on the tin: catchy dance music flecked with an organic yet polished modern take on the aforementioned genre that’s destined for the dancefloor. The A-side, the eloquently titled “Bowels Of Disco,” is chock full of cosmic vocals, synth pads, and guitar riffs that hook straight into your skull as you bop along to it. “Theme To Brion James” is sexy and playful while “The Summer, The” rounds out this release with epic, rushing euphoria set to something akin to a giddy metronome.

©+℗ True Mother Records LLC

All downloads are 320 Mp3s.

FLAC format available upon request. Just shoot us a message after purchase for a link.


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