TMR005- Jaded Lover Ex-Post Dishes Single Mp3s


  1. Ex-Post Dishes (Vocal Version) Preview Jaded Lover Buy 1:21
  2. Ex-Post Dishes (Instrumental Version) Preview Jaded Lover Buy 0:54
  3. Ex-Post Dishes (Mikey Dubs' Mix) Preview Jaded Lover Buy 0:45
  4. Ex-Post Dishes (Elon & Constar Go Bananas! Mix) Preview Jaded Lover Buy 1:14


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TMR005- Jaded Lover Ex-Post Dishes Single

Written and Produced by Jaded Lover
Mastered by EuroTrash Collective @ 5 a.m. Deep Records

01. Ex-Post Dishes (Vocal Version)                                         (4:16)
02. Ex-Post Dishes (Instrumental Version)                           (4:16)
03. Ex-Post Dishes (Mikey Dubs’ Mix)                                   (4:37)
04. Ex-Post Dishes (Elon & Constar Go Bananas Mix)          (5:11)

True Mother’s indie-flecked Jaded Lover production duo return with Ex-Post Dishes, a single that was vaguely inspired by Pulp’s infamous “Dishes.” Beyond the title though, the similarities to Mr. Cocker’s domestic musings end as New Wave guitar, synth, and drums mesh with the vocals to create the already hook-laden label’s catchiest tune yet. An obsession with avoiding reality and heartbreak through the city’s nightlife are touched on, seemingly upbeat at first yet turning desperate and melancholy by the last chorus. It’s a universal theme that we can all relate to. The instrumental version lacks the darkness of the original’s lyrical content and comes across as much more of a frivolous, yet meticulously produced, underground pop song. Mikey Dubs returns with his signature spaced-out dub aesthetic that turns Ex-Post Dishes on its head in a positively haunting way that’s heavy on the bass. Connie and Elon’s mix is orientated for the late-night hours of the club by pairing subdued ambiance with a driving tech-house beat. The perfect antidote for those who “can’t bear to stay in.”

©+℗ True Mother Records LLC

All downloads are 320 Mp3s.

FLAC format available upon request. Just shoot us a message after purchase for a link.


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