1. The Sounds of Room 237 Matt Wells, Mark Gertz, The Gleez 1:41:17


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Compiled by Matt Wells, Mark Gertz, and The Gleez
Mixed by Matt Wells (2018)

The Sounds of Room 237

All work, no play, can make you a dull boy…

01) Little Dark Age – MGMT
02) The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight (Dominant Mix) – Dominatrix
03) More Romantic – CLOSENESS
04) Solar Plexus – Potions
05) Pacific Palisades – Lifelike
06) Goodbye Horses (Jaded Lover’s Smooth Mechazawa Mix) – Jaded Lover with Psyche
07) Subdivision – Soviet
08) Our House That Never Was – Such Pretty Losers
09) La Ville Chaude (Johnny Cab Version) – Jaded Lover
10) So Much Love – Depeche Mode
11) To Lose My Life – White Lies
12) Icabod – TR/ST
13) Life Is a Fear – Editors
14) The Singer Has Become a Deejay – Soulwax
15) Body Signals – Matt Wells
16) Screws In My Head – Black Light Smoke
17) Sometimes in the World – Destroyer
18) Walk the Night (12″ Version) – Skatt Bros
19) Bowels of Disco – Jaded Lover
20) Fever – Roosevelt
21) Somebody Who (Nzca Remix) – Au Revoir Simone
22) In Clover – Joywave
23) Memories We Share – Cut Copy
24) Back to House (feat. SoShy) – Junior Sanchez 
25) Have Fun Tonight – Fischerspooner
26) The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough (Jaded Lover’s Truffle Shuffle Mix) – Jaded Lover / Cyndi Lauper
27) Lips (Edu Imbernon Remix) – The xx
28) What About Her – Such Pretty Losers
29) I Was a Star – Matias Aguayo & The Desdemonas
30) Reichpop – Wild Nothing
31) Find You Inside – Joseph of Mercury
32) Time Enough (Potions Remix) – Jaded Lover
33) Ocean – Goldfrapp
34) Shadow – Chromatics

True Mother Records DJ Sets 01-
The Sounds of Room 237

Take sexy post-pop from a future past, and shake it up with some disco-punk, synthwave, house, nu-disco, tech, and Italo, and there you have Matt Wells. He deftly melds music styles from your childhood to your present, in an effortlessly smooth fashion — no ham-fisted slamming of the faders here. With two decades of experience behind the turntables, Matt has honed a smooth digital voice all his own.

His gracious musical offerings will summon the rhythm within you, to the tunes you never knew you loved, or the ones you forgot you knew… while many of his contemporaries seem content to float in the treacherous seas of monotony, generically blending boring EDM, Top 40, and mash-ups, Matt pushes forward with his own original productions and remixes that always keep his sound fresh.

As Matt Wells, or by creating productions with his projects Jaded Lover and Such Pretty Losers, Matt will certainly have the floor moving until the sun steals back the day.

“Room 237” is another compilation set to solidify Matt Wells’ status as a true conductor of the experiential soundtrack to your reality. Listen, allow yourself be immersed and swept away on this musical trip from which you may never want to return.

Aching for more? Matt Wells’ original music can be found here.

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